A fully digital, low power audio IC with a stereo Class D speaker amplifier, a stereo true ground headphone amplifier, and high-end DSP functionality.

MobileSound 3 is ICEpower’s new audio IC for improving audio quality and sound level in portable devices. ICEpower MobileSound 3 incorporates our extensive experience in developing audio ICs for, among others, Samsung Electronics, knowledge of the mobile phone environment, and our patented technologies in audio power amplification.

ICEpower MobileSound 3 contains:
  • A stereo Class D high power speaker amplifier with 2x 920mW output power and 100dB SNR
  • A stereo true ground headphone amplifier with 2x 25mW output power and 94dB SNR
  • Fully digital interface with three switchable digital I2S/PCM inputs and outputs
  • Light codec functionality
  • Integrated ICEpower DSP (ICEDSP) core for sound enhancing digital signal processing such as:

    • SmartBass adaptive dynamic bass enhancement
    • SmartEQ flexible, fully parametric 5 band equalizer
    • SmartDRC advanced parametric multistage Compressor/Limiter system
    • Digital Volume control
ICEpower MobileSound 3 combines all audio functionality required in portable devices and eliminates the need of an external codec, multimedia, DAC or amplifier IC’s.
Typical applications of ICEpower MobileSound 3 include:
  • Smart phones
  • Mobile phones
  • Portable navigation devices (PNDs)
  • PC speakers and similar
  • USB powered speakers
  • Docking stations
  • Audio accessories
ICEpower MobileSound 3 comes in a 2.6mm x 3.0mm, 42-pin µCSP package, making it the smallest audio IC for portable devices currently on the market.
Audio Performance
ICEpower MobileSound 3 incorporates the knowledge and skills we have accumulated in designing countless innovative audio solutions for professional and Hi Fi audio equipment. Our ultimate objective is to improve the audio quality of our customers’ products. This was also the case when designing ICEpower MobileSound 3. The solution improves audio quality in both the headphones and the loudspeakers and delivers a more natural, rich and powerful sound in portable devices.

ICEpower MobileSound 3 is a fully digital solution, both in the headphone and the speaker path, enabling flexible, noise-free input and output connections. The solution contains a highly efficient and compact ICEDSP core that implements a number of features for improving audio quality in portable devices:
  • SmartBass – effectively extends the low frequency range of small speakers and headphones in a portable device, allowing for more bass.

  • SmartEQ – fully parametric 5-band equalizer enabling compensation of the non-ideal behaviours of small speakers and headphones in portable devices, making the sound more clear and natural.

  • SmartDRC (Smart Dynamic Range Control) – a highly advanced parametric multi-stage DRC system enabling higher sound level. A highly useful feature when listening to music or voice in a noisy environment.
Electrical Characteristics
Symbol Parameter Typical Unit
P_OUT_SPK Speaker output power at 3.6V supply, 8Ω stereo
Speaker output power at 4.2V supply, 8Ω stereo
Speaker output power at 4.2V supply, 4Ω mono
P_OUT_HP Head phone output power (per channel), both channels driven
Head phone output power, one channel driven
SNR_SPK Signal-to-noise ratio speaker 100 dB
SNR_HP Signal-to-noise ratio headphone 94 dB
THD_SPK Total harmonic distortion + noise, speaker 0.01 %
THD_HP Total harmonic distortion + noise, headphone 0.035 %
EFF_SPK Efficiency, speaker output power stage 92 %
PSRR_SPK Power supply rejection ratio, speaker 82 dB
PSRR_HP Power supply rejection ratio, headphone 72 dB

Power Efficiency
ICEpower has an impressive legacy of pioneering technological development in switching audio technologies. We were one of the first companies in the audio industry to offer highly efficient switching audio power technologies. We are quite proud to have developed some of the world’s most advanced class D technologies, including those for application in portable devices.

Our proprietary class D technologies have been applied in ICEpower MobileSound 3, resulting in idle power consumption as low as 14mW and total efficiency above 92%. With such power consumption, the battery lasts longer, allowing for more enjoyment of mobile entertainment with excellent audio performance.
Current Consumption Table
DVDD=IOVDD=CPVDD=1.8V, PVDD=AVDD=3.6V, Ta=25 C, no input signal, no load, unless otherwise specified.

Mode Condition Total Current Draw
Total Power
Stand-by Power downed 0.002mA/0.008mA 0.022mW
Receiver bypass   0.002mA/0.1mA 0.19mW
Headphone stereo playback Stereo, volume control 0.41mA/13.3mA 25.4mW
Headphone stereo playback
w/full DSP
Stereo, volume control, full DSP 0.41mA/14.1mA 26.9mW
Speaker mono playback Mono, volume control 2.31mA/3.36mA 14.4mW
Speaker stereo playback Stereo, volume control 2.72mA/5.62mA 19.9mW
Speaker stereo playback
w/full DSP
Stereo, volume control, full DSP 2.72mA/6.41mA 21.3mW
ICEpower MobileSound 3 Audio Suite
To simplify the design process, ICEpower has developed the ICEpower MobileSound 3 Audio Suite software. This advanced and intuitive tuning software enables mobile system engineers to quickly fine-tune the audio features of ICEpower MobileSound 3 to achieve optimal audio performance of the complete product. The software is available upon request and as part of the ICEpower MobileSound 3 evaluation kit.

Feature Benefit
All-digital interface with 3 configurable
I2S/PCM digital inputs, input mixer and two I2S
Eliminates the need of a codec IC. Interfaces with most Base Band and Application processors.
Internal Sample Rate Converter The IC can accept all sample rates from 8kHz to 96kHz.
ICEpower patented DCOM and HDCOM modulation and control Proprietary ICEpower IP for efficient direct digital to PWM power conversion, without an intermediate signal level DAC. Reduces the system complexity, which means lower cost, power consumption and better audio performance.
Temperature and over-current protection Guarantees proper IC function under all conditions.
Filterless output stage Eliminates the need for external filtering components.
Pulse Slope Attenuation (Low EMI mode) Significantly reduces the HF EMI emission from the switching stage, making it easier to pass critical EMC tests and eliminating the need of external filtering components.
Advanced pop and click noise reduction Eliminates audible Click and Pop sounds during start-up and shut down of the IC.
Capless True Ground headphone amplifier The amplifier can be used with any standard head phone connector, such as mini jacks, without large DC blocking capacitors.
High resolution volume control with soft slope control Fine grained volume control with 0.5dB per step resolution over a wide range. Soft slope control eliminates audible clicks and pops when changing DSP settings.
5 band equalizer Gives the possibility of correcting the non-linear frequency characteristics of the speaker, resulting in a much more clean and natural sound.
SmartBass Improves the bass response and thereby audio quality of the small inexpensive speakers typically used in mobile applications.
SmartDRC A highly advanced parametric multi-stage DRC system, which enables higher sound level without introducing distortion. Enables +24dB gain without clipping.
ICEpower MobileSound 3 saves you costs by eliminating the need for an external codec, multimedia, DAC and amplifier ICs. Furthermore, being the smallest audio IC on the market, ICEpower MobileSound 3 saves precious PCB board space. Finally, we have done a lot of work to make application of ICEpower MobileSound 3 easy and convenient thus saving your engineering resources.
Ordering an Evaluation Kit
If you are interested in ICEpower MobileSound 3, please contact us at ICEpowerinfo@bang-olufsen.dk. We can provide an evaliation kit containing an evaluation board of the MobileSound 3 as well as all the necessary tools and ICEpower MobileSound 3 Audio Suite software. We will also be happy to supply the necessary application assistance or further information.