ICEtheater7 is an integrated multichannel amplifier and power supply solution that utilizes ICE-power’s switching technologies. ICEtheater7 delivers 7 x 150W into 8Ω and incorporates our so far highest achievements in audio reproduction with DualLoop3 - ICEpower’s third generation class D topology.

Today’s consumers demand large sound from small boxes. No problem, ICEtheater7 is incredibly compact with a low height that easily will fit a small enclosure and a width developed for standard 17” (43 cm) cabinets. This makes it perfect for compact lifestyle products for the modern home. On top, ICEtheater7 has very low power consumption and heat dissipation thanks to efficient ICEpower Class D technology which keeps the electrical bill in check and leaves a small environmental foot print.

ICEtheater7 excels with sublime audio quality thanks to DualLoop3 – ICEpower’s third generation Class D topology. The DualLoop3 technology inherits the good virtues from our previous generations with its exceptional control of real world loudspeakers and excellent audio performance and pairs it with new linearization techniques creating a big leap forward in audio performance and perceived sound quality. With ICEtheater7, you will benefit from our highest achievements in audio reproduction so far.

In order to save you valuable time and costs, ICEtheater7 has been preapproved for safety and EMC, simplifying the task of achieving certifications for your final product. Furthermore, the build quality is exceptionally solid and we have added all relevant protection features to ensure long-time usage and outstanding reliability in order to minimize your quality costs.