Compared to other Class D technology developers, we have taken a different approach. ICEpower amplifiers process analogue audio signals, hence ICEpower® technologies are called analogue Class D or analogue switching. Compared to standard Class D designs, which use triangular generators to create PWM signals, ICEpower technologies are self-oscillating (self-containing): several feedback loops ensure stable high audio quality, regardless of the speaker loads.

Two of ICEpower’s core technologies are COM and MECC.

COM, the Controlled Oscillating Modulator, is a self-oscillating closed loop system. This architecture offers a range of advantages over other feedback PWM designs. COM suppresses non-linearities in the output stage, delivering a high PSRR – power supply rejection ratio: 60 dB in ICEpower solutions, compared to 0 dB in a basic Class D design. The COM principle also allows for simple, intelligent engineering design of solutions, since modulation and regulation are in the same block.

MECC, Multivariable Enhanced Cascade Control, principle applies a secondary feedback loop after the output filter in order to compensate the non-linearities introduced by the output filter. While the inner loop compensates non-linearities related to the modulator and the power stage.

Among the many qualities of the two technologies, the two feedback systems - including feedback directly at the output of the amplifier, produce very low amplifier output impedance resulting in highly precise bass control, superior to Class AB.

Intelligent switch-mode power supply: most of ICEpower® solutions also incorporate ICEpower switch-mode power supplies enhanced by the company’s proprietary technologies and designed for smooth interaction with ICEpower amplifier sections. A power supply has a high impact on the resulting audio quality and efficiency of audio products. Hence, by incorporating a switching power supply of its own design, ICEpower ensures continuously high quality of audio performance and high efficiency of audio products containing ICEpower solutions.

Besides our core technologies, we have developed and continue working on a portfolio of ever more sophisticated technologies and further realizing the potential of Class D audio amplification. Our competencies now extend to digital audio signal processing, algorithm design, acoustical design and optimization, as well as system integration.

Besides our scientific engineering innovations, we apply a human touch in tuning our solutions – our “Tonmeisters” fine-tune the solutions to make sure that the resulting sound is live and clear, leading to the best possible audio performance of products containing ICEpower®.